About Stalbridge History Society

How it all started

The Stalbridge History Society are a group of like-minded persons, from all walks of life and
of all ages, who wish to learn about the heritage of our town.

The society has existed since 2012 when a small group of Stalbridge residents led by newcomer Jane Daggett met to discuss their mutual interest in the origins and history of the town.
Jane had discovered the books of local author Irene Jones and wanted to learn more.
By 2016 the small group of six or seven members had grown and during that year a committee was formed and a constitution was approved: membership was greatly increased, the Society’s first publication, The History Trail, was underway and Events were being planned. The Society is now a not-for-profit Community Group governed by a Constitution.

Our focus is on local history rather than tracing ancestry but sometimes the two paths cross, especially if we can fill a gap in our town’s story or where there is a danger of losing valuable
information. Whatever the enquiry, we will try to help if we are able.

We work alongside our colleagues at the Stalbridge Archive Society.

Our Committee

Life President: Hilary Townsend
Chairman: Janice Pickard
Vice Chairman: Robert Penfold

Hon Secretary: Margaret Bather
Hon Treasurer: Alison Selby
Membership Secretary: Alison Selby
Committee Members: Judie Ralph; Robert Ralph; Brita Wood
Newsletter Editor: Brita Wood

Our Aims and Objectives:

  1. To promote and encourage an interest in the history of Stalbridge within the local community.
  2. To advance the education of members of the public by the study of the history of Stalbridge.

The aims of the Society shall be:

By means of the following objectives:

a) Research the history of Stalbridge

b) Hold meetings, talks and discussions, and engage and involve local communities, businesses and organisations

c) Collect, record and retain in Stalbridge material associated with the history of Stalbridge and its people, by any legal means.

d) Preserve, transcribe and publish original source materials, documents and photographs in multi-media formats by any legal means.

e) Pursue collaborative actions with similar groups and with established bodies. (e.g churches, libraries, record offices and educational institutions.)

f) Fund raise to assist in the furtherance of the above.