The Stalbridge History Trail

Welcome to the Stalbridge History Trail

This guide was first produced in 2014 in printed form and has recently been revised by Robert Ralph.  The Stalbridge History Society hopes that you will enjoy your stroll around our historic town. You can either view this tour in your favourite web browser or download it to your device to walk around with it.

Our walking tour is approximately 2½ miles in length.  Please respect and do not disturb the privacy of residents.  The whole route is assisted wheelchair friendly except for pavement kerbs.

The Trail Map

This trail map accompanies the guide. The circled numbers mark the stages of the trail route referred to in the guide below. If you click on the image you can view it in the lightbox where you can zoom in and move around the map. This is quite handy if you are using a small screened smartphone.

There is also a handy zoomed in version of the map on page 16.