Past Exhibitions and Talks


Stalbridge For Sale! 1918

This Major Exhibition took place in September of 2018 to mark the 1ooth anniversary of the sale of the vast majority of houses and farms in the then village by Lord Stalbridge.

This exhibition not only highlighted the Stalbridge property auction of September 1918, but also gave a wonderful snapshot of daily life in the village at that time, from church and school life to pubs and businesses.

Attended by hundreds of people every day of its 4 day run at Stalbridge Hall the exhibition brought the community together, young and old.

Some of the posters from the exhibition


As you can see from the posters shown below The Stalbridge History Society hosts interesting talks delivered sometimes by members of the society and sometimes from invited guests and experts.

Details of upcoming talks are published on the News and Events Page and at the foot of our homepage in the weeks before they take place.