Useful Links

Useful links to history based websites

Below are some useful links to websites which contain different types of resources from old maps to archive material.

Stalbridge Archive Society

Stalbridge History Society Collection of Useful Links

We have put together some useful links to History research websites. Click on the buttons to be transported to their websites.

We are a group of enthusiastic people who have come together to form the Stalbridge Archive Society, whose aim is to preserve photographs, historical documents and artifacts relating to Stalbridge and its people.

A private facebook group which is free to join. Please feel free to comment and/or add anything connected with Stalbridge, Dorset from the earliest times to the recent past – old photos of Stalbridge, Stalbridge people, artefacts, postcards. Share your memories of Stalbridge.

Millions of books searchable by text input. Turns up interesting results just by typing “Stalbridge” or “Robert Boyle”, for example.

The British Association of Local History

View and zoom in on old maps of Stalbridge and Dorset.

Collections of photographs, drawings, plans and documents for archaeology, architecture, social and local history.

Individual descriptions are made of the many Listed Buildings in the Stalbridge Conservation area.

The Museum holds regular exhibitions of local historical interest. It also has a collection of items of local interest on display.

Browse the collections of documents, photos and maps held by Dorset Council.

British History Online is a collection of nearly 1300 volumes of primary and secondary content relating to British and Irish history, and histories of empire and the British world. BHO also provides access to 40,000 images and 10,000 tiles of historic maps of the British Isles.