The Stalbridge Hoard

The Stalbridge Hoard If you haven’t heard of the Stalbridge Hoard, you are not alone: this exciting find by metal detectorists in a Stalbridge field about 3 years ago has only become public very recently. It was taken away for assessment of age and value by the British Museum who decided that it dated to […]

Letters to dear readers

Dear Readers, We spent the first sixteen years of our married life moving around with the Army and now found ourselves in Blandford.   We thought this would be my husband’s last posting, he having competed twenty-one years of service, and we needed to find a home of our own, somewhere where he could find […]

November Talk 2023

Stalbridge History Society Talks presents “William Castleman and the Marquis of Anglesey’s Dorset Estate With the main focus on Stalbridge” The talk will be given by Dr Carol Beardmore, a lecturer in history at the Open University. Carol’s PHD explored the management of a rural estate. Carol is co-editor of Family & Community History and […]