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The Stalbridge Hoard

If you haven’t heard of the Stalbridge Hoard, you are not alone: this exciting find by metal detectorists in a Stalbridge field about 3 years ago has only become public very recently. It was taken away for assessment of age and value by the British Museum who decided that it dated to the middle bronze age (3,500 years ago) and valued it at £17,000. This makes the find Treasure and it has been given the name The Stalbridge Hoard.

Here are several views of the bangle. These items are all unusual and the rapier and bangle are particularly rare and of exceptional quality, making the Hoard unique. The Dorset Museum in Dorchester is aiming to raise the money to buy this treasure, so that it stays in the UK and stays local. Elizabeth Selby, Director of Collections and Public Engagement at Dorset Museum & Art Gallery tells us that £15,075 has so far been raised. Fantastic, let’s keep that going!

On Saturday February 10th, Elizabeth Selby and her colleague Clare Randall, Archaeology adviser will be in Stalbridge to give a talk about the Hoard for the History Society. This will take place in Stalbridge Village Hall at 10.00am and will be open to all, free of charge.
Look out for our posters around the town which will be coming soon to announce the talk. Do come along on Saturday 10th February and bring your friends!

(CC BY 2.0 DEED – Surrey County Council)

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